As everyone in the gymnastics world knows, Regionals is always the most nerve racking meet of the year! With so much on the line it’s easy to let the stress of the desired outcome consume you. As I reflect on the weekend I am so proud of how confident and passionate our athletes competed this weekend. Not only did we qualify all four Level 10 athletes to JO NATIONALS and five Level 9 athletes to WESTERN NATIONALS, we smashed personal bests and some SCEGA RECORDS I thought may never be broken!!! So Proud, Happy, Thankful, Blessed❤️❤️

Here are the weekend Hi-Lites

NEW LEVEL 10 Team Score Record-116.925

Jillian Hoffman-NEW Level 10 AA Record- 39.35!! Tied her Floor record-9.9!! New Beam Record-9.8!!
Amari Celestine- SCORED a 10.0 on vault!!!
First 10.0 for any upper Optional level and NEW Level 10 Vault Record!
Avalon Campbell- Scored 9.9 on level 9 Beam to set a new Beam Record for Level 9!

Qualified Four Level 10 Athletes to Junior Olympic Nationals in Indianapolis

Jillian Hoffman
Amari Celestine
Alysen Fears
Alani Sabado

Qualified Five Level 9 Athletes to Western Nationals in Spokane, Washington

Evangeline Thomson
Yoomee Zeng
Avalon Campbell
Trinity Johnson
Emily Springford

Brought Home 35 Regional Titles including 7 AA Champions!!


JIllian Hoffman- Vault(9.875), Bars(9.775), Beam(9.8,)Floor(9.9), AA(39.35)
Amari Celestine- Vault(10.0), Floor(9.825), AA(38.975)
Alani Sabado- Bars(9.725)


Evangeline Thomson- Floor(9.75), AA(38.525)
Yoomee Zeng- Vault(9.875), Bars(9.625), AA(38.5)
Avalon Campbell- Beam(9.9), Floor(9.65), AA(38.275)
Trinity Johnson- Bars(9.65), Floor(9.65)
Emily Springford- Floor(9.7)
Emily Obedoza- Vault(9.8,)


Avril Crespin- Vault(9.65), Beam(9.65), Floor(9.6), AA(38.65)
Kamille Bahne- Beam(9.525), Floor(9.65), AA(38.1)
Mia Soltero- Beam-(9.625)
Mia Peralta- Vault(9.75)
Hannah O’Neil- Bars(9.5), Floor(9.625)
Savannah Poulus- Bars(9.775)
Ally Lau- Beam(9.65)
Emily Jenkins- Bars(9.7)

Congratulations  to Mia Soltero, Mia Peralta and Elle Dorny for representing Southern California for the Level 8 Team Championships! The team took second to Nor Cal, but they sure won the team spirit award! Go SoCal!!!