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SCEGA Gymnastics

27532 Commerce Center Dr. Temecula 92590 (951)699-4499

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About the Girl's Competitive Team

Our History

SCEGA Gymnastics was established in 1989 and through our experienced and dedicated staff we have developed a strong team program at all levels of gymnastic competition. SCEGA is a National Team Training Center recognized by
USA Gymnastics.

We have had numerous State Champions, State Team Champions, Regional Champions, National Qualifiers, National Champions, Olympic Trials Qualifiers and a 2001 World Championship Bronze Medal Team Member, Rachel Tidd. We are also proud of our gymnasts who have received full and partial NCAA Athletic Scholarships. To date we have had over 20 gymnasts who have received scholarships. Check out SCEGA's Hall Of Fame to see some of our highly achieved athletes.

Team Philosophy

  • To train athletes of all ability levels, and help them reach their individual best.
  • Guide children through the levels with their best interest in mind.
  • To promote excellence and work ethic by teaching children how to be responsible for their actions.
  • Helping children set goals and giving them guidance to attain them.

Team Selection

Each year all over the nation, gymnasts are selected to compete on their respective clubs' teams. Selection for the team is based solely on the professional judgment of the coaches. The SCEGA Girls Team is selected from the pre-team levels or occasionally as a transfer from another club. Selection for testing is made by recommendation from the instructors and the final decision will be made by the owners and the team coaches.

If you are interested in an evaluation for our competitive team, please contact the office at 951.699.4499 or e-mail Kathy Strate at

Team Selection Criteria

Criteria used in team selection includes:

1. Ability to perform the skills required for the level being tested. Gymnastics is not a static sport. Each year the requirements become more difficult.

2. Demonstrate the emotional strength and ATTITUDE to accept instruction and contribute to the goals of the Team. Poor behavior can hold a child back even though she/he may have physical talent.

3. Demonstrate the proper use of time while in the gym with efficient work habits.

4. Have excellent attendance record with minimal absences.

5. Be able to handle the stresses of training, competition and travel.

6. Demonstrate aggressiveness in practice.

7. Achieve above average strength and flexibility.

8. Demonstrate DESIRE and potential ability to advance in skill level.

9. Have family support and commitment to competitive gymnastics.

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